The Black Hills, Part I: Crazy Horse

While I was at the University of South Dakota working on my thesis in Computer Science, an engineer visited us from the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation. The massive project is an earth-moving masterpiece, not so much sculpted into a mountain as mined from one. The setting, in the southern Black Hills, is gorgeous.

Crazy Horse in Thunderhead Mountain

Crazy Horse’s initial sculptor was the Polish-Bostonian Korczak Ziolkowski. Ukraine or Ukraine-style flags (never explained, and possibly an effort at a pseudo-Native theme) littered the park.

Ukraine’s Glory Has Not Perished, no matter what you say

A dramatic miniature of the future of Thunderhead Mountain reference Crazy Horse’s statement, “My lands are where my dead lie buried.” Like Ogalala Lakota Indians were the “Iraqi Resistance” of their time, fighting in mobile bands against a better organized, more numerous foe. Also like the Sunni Iraqi Arabs, they made the mistake of attacking a numerically superior majority that wouldn’t go away.

Further images of the memorial are available at Wikimedia Commons.

The Black Hills, a tdaxp series
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