The Black Hills, Part III: Blue Bell Lodge

After the day-trip in Pierre, a visit to Crazy Horse (the same day), and adventures at Custer State Game Lodge (that night), it was off to Blue Bell Lodge. Blue Bell is also in Custer State Park, connected by a two-lane, modern highway and beautiful scenery. While the Game Lodge’s attraction is the building’s history and charm, Blue Bell is a placing for camping and (a more civilized option) cabin-ing

View from the Porch

With nothing much to do, I enjoyed some beer and read Matt Ridely’s Nature via Nurture. But my quiet evening was not to be…

because of a chuck wagon ride! Corny? Yup. Foolish? Yup. Good food and good fun? Yes.

The true Entertainment on the ride was the riveting adventures of boys who could have been Jack Bauer Jr. and William H. Macy, Jr. It was like traveling with the stars!

Dramatic Personae

Remember those safety-around-nooses lessons you had to take in Cub Scouts? Neither did anyone else. Hang ‘er high!

After really, really good food, the sun set and it was time to head back. Happy trails to you!

The night ended with a campfire, started with matches and newspaper but fed by whatever could be found nearby. As the darkness fell we ran out of wood nearby and began throwing in hatfulls and hatfulls of pine cones. A beautiful night.

The Black Hills, a tdaxp series
0. Pierre
1. Crazy Horse
2. Custer State Game Lodge
3. Blue Bell Lodge
4. Mount Rushmore
5. Goofy Custer
6. The Badlands

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