What’s new at tdaxp: August/September

A New Middle East imagines a southwest Asia were Jews, Sunnis, and Shia can all win. Who loses? Only the National-Secularists who we empowered in the Suez Crisis.

Be Resilient proposes objective measures for resilience, resiliency, and agility. It is written to be read along with Stephen DeAngelis’ Enterprise Resilience Management Blog.

My travelogue of West River South Dakota, The Black Hills, is a companion to my impressions of Tianjin. Just as other Chinese pictures are available in Beijing ’06, other South Dakotan pictures are available in America ’06.

Two new serials have just been started, Islam without Irony and Classroom Democracy. Islam without Irony will be a way to catalog the angry jihadist cause celebre of the week. It is inspired by Joshua’s “Death of an Alliance” series (now up to part 53!) Classroom Democracy, a bit more cerebral, is my first serious stab at learning since Liberal Education, but is much more applied.

Additionally, my series on Jesusism-Paulism has been extended to cover two shocks to Empire. In “Jesusism-Paulism, Part IV: The Fall of Rome” the Christians finally graduate to stage 3 of 4th Generation Warfare, while in “Jesusism-Paulism, Part V: The People of the Book,” the Islamic ruleset swept through the lands of Jesus and the Disciples.

Last, Mangan’s has been added to the blogroll, and Critt Jarvis has returned, after some technical snafus.

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