Quacking at the Duck

I’ve jumped into four conversation threads over at the Georgetown polisci blog, The Duck of Minerva.

Sorrow” [conversation thread], tdaxp excerpt:

It is tyrannical for a State to protect its citizens right from threats by aliens? Wouldn’t the reverse be far stranger?

This post reminds me of the “Committee to Restore the Constitution” spams I would receive during the last Clinton presidency. Something about two-turners generates these complaints, it seems…

Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex” [conversation thread], tdaxp excerpt:

Big War forces are designed to end state-on-state war. Small War forces are designed to win insurgencies. Different battles, different tools.

One might similar criticize Social Security, because it does not help us catch bin Laden or defend democracies from invasion. That would be equally as bizarre.

Outrages upon human dignity” [conversation thread], tdaxp excerpt:

Strategies are designed to provide a grand unifying vision. Laws are designed to provide clear guidelines of what actions are criminal. They operate in different ways to different ends.

Completely unrelatedly, rikurzhen over at Gene Expression points to the General Social Survey Online Application. Very, very fun.

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