Short Reviews (and Haikus) of Brotherhood of the Wolf, CSA, and Doom

Pretentious Frenchmen
And Monica Bellucci
can’t save poor pacing

Plus: Excellent story, atmospherics, and twists. Fun characters.
Bad: Too long. Somehow… “French”
Another review: Catholicgauze
7/10 Stars

so much so it is stupid
Blah blah. Slaves. blah blah

Plus: Good concept
Bad: Terrible execution, the jokes aren’t funny, better alternate histories exist

Read instead: Guns of the South
6/10 Stars

Space Marines on Mars
Chainsaw, Land Mines, BFG
Haditha, Ares

Plus: Fun, simple, story. Oddly deep and philosophical at times. Very respectful of the game.
Bad: It’s called “Doom.”
8/10 Stars

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