Blogospheric Reaction to tdaxp’s Psychology kick

As I look at my blog’s front page, I’m struck that every post is “psychologically,” and filed either under Child Psychology, Genetic Polics. Hmm…

Whatever the deeper meaning of that, my two most recent series — Classroom Democracy and Learning Evolved — have received some very kind and insightful comments from fellow bloggers. Among others:

  • Education Wonk kindly liked the parliamentary democracy angle enough to include me on Carnival of Education LXXXVIII.
  • Christian Soldiers finds a lot to like from his experience teaching computer science
  • Blunt Object looks at applying evolutionary educational psychology on yourself
  • ZenPundit gives props to Learning Evolved, Introduction through Part II, though quietly avoids referencing Part III or the original Classroom Democracy series. This raises the question: is Mark a commie spy?
  • Lastly, Edgewise is interested in other recent psychology posts.

    Now if I could just follow Curtis’ suggestion and tie this into 5GW…. Hmmm…

    2 thoughts on “Blogospheric Reaction to tdaxp’s Psychology kick”

    1. LOL !!! No, Mark is busy making a PPT seemingly without end on the F-ing political spectrum's historical antecedents.

      I'm on Edmund Burke's critique of the French Revolution and am seriously thinking about just doing a two parter.

      Be blogging later tonight – check in the late evening ;o)

    2. Mark,

      I, and the rest of the free world, can only hope so… ;–)


      It looks like the main line in your post is “And I would say that the only source of politics is commerce.” This seems to be a form of Materialist fundamentalism, similar to Marxists at their most dogged. There is substantial laboratory evidence disproving a rational Homo Economicus, and well known of examples of parties and states putting non-economic issues to the forefront, so I’m not sure what you mean.

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