LOST: Free, Legal, & Easy

From this moment on, I do not take if the CEO of Disney personally orders his private militia to execute a school-bus full of orphans. Free, high-quality streams of hit TV shows, including and especially LOST, make any and all Disney operations worth it.


After watching LOST online, be sure to check out LOST podcasts including Generally Speaking and the Lost Podcast, Jay & Jack, as well as the theory-oriented Lostcasts.

2 thoughts on “LOST: Free, Legal, & Easy”

  1. I can’t get myself to enjoy watching anything long on a computer screen. Instead of downloading episodes of 30 Rock I had to unqueue on TiVO, I ended up waiting over a week for the re-runs.

    Maybe I’d get into TV and movie downloads if my screen were better located over my bed or if I could easily transfer downloaded shows over.

  2. Adam,

    For most TV shows I’d agree with you, but LOST seems to be the only one where I can watch it on my laptop and still be absorbed. I first got into it watching it on a computer, about two-thirds of the way through the first season, which when I consider how boring other shows I see on the small screen are is a miracle!

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