The Future is Coming On

The band “Gorrillaz” being their song “Clint Eastwood” with the following two verses:

Hey, I’m happy, I’m feeling glad,
I got sunshine in a bag.
I’m useless but not for long:
the future is coming on.

Finally, someone let me out of my cage.
Now, time for me is nothin’ ’cause I’m counting no age.
Nah, I couldn’t be there. Now you shouldn’t be scared.
I’m good at repairs and I’m under each snare.
Intangible, bet you didn’t think so,
I command you to, panoramic view:
look I’ll make it all manageable.
Pick and choose, sit and lose.

All you different crews,
chicks and dudes, who you think is really kicking tunes?

Earlier, I compared the narrator of the song to the Shia militias in Iraq.


In particularly, I highlithed four main similarities

  1. Current US policy makes Iraqi democratic built on the demographic majority of the nation into enemies, instead of friends
  2. Current US policy is unsustainable, and America will inevitable embarece their naturla friends, the Shia (Iraqi) militias
  3. The Shia Iraqi Militias form the spine of the natural SysAdmin reconstruction force in Iraq
  4. The Shia Iraqi Militais have the ability to defeat our enemies, the Baathists and the Qaedists
  5. Defeat can only come from recognizing our natural alliance with the Shia militias.

Yet another story in the New York Times confirms my initial judgements:

American forces have already shifted some forces to new high-violence sectors and may make further adjustments. Shrinking the military zone controlled by the American Baghdad-based division, which now extends south to the cities of Najaf and Karbala, has also been discussed as a way to increase the density of American troops in the capital.

Erecting more barricades to section off parts of the city has been proposed by some officers. So has legitimizing some neighborhood watch [“militia” — tdaxp] organizations. That idea cuts against the policy to abolish militias but has been advocated by some military officials as a useful expedient.

We will win. So will the Iraqi people. The good guys will kill the bad guys.

The only losers are the Iraqi Sunni Arabs. We fought for three years to save them for the fate they, like the extrainsular Japanese and the European Germans, sowed.

One thought on “The Future is Coming On”

  1. I don't buy it. I can see a natural alliance with SCIRI (of all people!) and other Shi'ites, but Sadr is too far out there. He has sided with the AQ types when he could to sowed discourd and he has squandered or turned away chances to side with us; even when offered. I think if he were liquidated, THEN what you hypothesize could take place. In fact, I think that the Iraqi govt., SCIRI, and the US may obliquely be trying just that right now.

  2. ElamBend,

    I definitely agree that SCIRI, Dawa, etc make better partners than Sadr's Mahdi Army. It is thus too bad that the Bush administration screwed democracy by appointing a federal employee to viceroy the country instead of giving the local, loyal parties the money, ammunition, and air-support they needed to develop their own country.

    We have an ineffective SysAdmin force, and Bush choose to rely on that rather than the effective SysAdmin force Iraq provided us for (relatively) free. He fell into the same trap of all the great Progressives, wanting to remake a culture according to the Plan. What we have in Iraq today is the same failure that met the Bolsheviks in the USSR and the Labourites in the UK.

    That said, a goon whose popularity rests in good part on his violent repirsals on our enemies is better than our enemies. That is the position we face with Sadr now.

    If we had left Iraq with a SCIRI/Dawa/KDU/PUK government, with sufficient cash, ammunication, and air power, in summer 2003 Sadr would be a too-bit loser we would fell sorry for (as Saddam murdered most of hsi family). Instead we get to deal with him, because of the Administration's Plan.

  3. The problem was the old cold war view of stability “we can't brake iraq apart”. They should have used the federalism, and kurd/Shia mitlia right away and federalism – bottom up, not top-down. Well, the American people don't have the patience for that eigther.

  4. PS, Well said. The problem there, however, was impatience among the American leadership. A short kinetic war followed by a friendly locals would have been great with the American people, I think.

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