Google Giveth, Yet I Take Google Away

Over at Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, Sean Meade demonstrates a nifty new google feature: custom search engines. The new Google Co-Op search engine, “Tom and Friends,” provides a one-stop shop for googling Tom, Stephen, Mark, the Chicago Boyz, and myself. You can try it out below:

However, I have removed another Google appliance from my own computer. After already ditching Google Search for Windows Live and Google Images and Windows Live Images, I removed my Google Toolbar Why? Because Firefox 2.0 has a better spellchecker than google.

Download Firefox 2.0 now.

5 thoughts on “Google Giveth, Yet I Take Google Away”

  1. wow. thanks for the link, Dan 🙂

    and, yeah, i'm lovin' the new spell checker in Firefox. i haven't noticed that it's *better* (though i don't deny it), but it's native and always-on and a couple less clicks i have to make.

    too bad one of the computers i have to work on is Firefox-unupgradeable 🙁

    otherwise, i'd have Tom's site down near 0 typos, and everyone else could approach that standard, too 😉

    i hadn't thought about removing the Google Toolbar, though. i'll have to consider it…

  2. Sean,

    I like the firefox spellchecker from an easy-of-use perspective. Under the Google toolbar I had to press a button for checking the text, during which I can't edit the text itself, but Firefox red-underlines mispelled text as I type. So I think we agree 🙂

    With the toolbar space I saved by removing google, I added the Del.Icio.Us buttons for Firefox 2.0 [1]. I'm still playing around with it [2]. but I can see social bookmarks being useful.


  3. more thoughts:

    i like the Firefox spellchecker for a first pass. but i wish it (and the Google spellchecker) had a built-in way to Google the word if it doesn't appear in their dictionary.

    i also like how the Google one has an 'edit' choice.

    and, (my own deficiency), depending on lights and power, i can't see the Firefox light red underline very well.

    so, all that to say, i'll be going with a Firefox first line, and clicking through to Google when i need it (at least for now).

    i use the buttons as well [, but not a lot. my work computer doesn't lend itself thereto.

  4. An easy way to remove words from the dictionary would be cool, tool.

    More in the realm of new-to-me, I've been finding EBSCOhost [1] and JSTOR [2] search-engines for Firefox to be handy. Certainly's better than trying to navigate the UNL's library “e-resources” section! [3]

    I am now an official SeanMeade “fan” over at! 🙂


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