The End of Empire

The purpose of war is to turn the correlation of forces against one’s enemies. America’s economy gives us a tremendous advantages win it comes to winning the peace. That’s how we triumphed in Japan, South Korea, and even Vietnam. But it is with war we can veto the right of our foes to see that feast.

The Iraqi Sunni Arabs are a host population to our greatest foes: the Baathis and the Qaedis. These are the only enemies we have in Iraq which are truly hostile to us. The War in Iraq is in reaction to aggressions by these enemies on 8/2/90 9/11/01.

In spite often weak and duplicitious Bush administration strategies, we are winning. Our enemies are losing. Iraq is their Vietnam, Baghdad their Den Bien Phu.

The battle of Iraq is beng won by the side predestined to win: the Iraqi people. Their former masters, a group of far less enlightened self-interest than the Afrikaners, reacted to the democratization of their country with bullets and bombs. Thir towns rage against justice for murderers. And their numbers are being reduced by an ethnic cleansing which will change Iraq forever.

Throughout their wars against their citizenry and their neighbors, the Iraqi Sunni Arabs are the remnants of a colonial regime designed to tie Baghdad to London. But the Fall of the British Empire aborted the imperial administration designed by the English, transfiguring what was supposed to be a weak and pliant government into a paranoid and violent one.

The civilization of the Iraqi Sunni Arabs is being destroyed, as they flee from their former slaves. The only real question for America’s Iraq occupation is how many American lives is delaying the inevitable worth.

Leave Iraq now.