Say Yes! to Michigan!

Michigan Votes to Ban Affirmative Action,” Feminist Daily News Wire, 9 November 2006,

In one of the few pieces of unambiguously good news, the people of Michigan voted to end Affirmative Action in state government.

Michigan voters approved a state-wide ban on affirmative action in public education, public employment, and state contracts on Tuesday

The vote was a symptom fo wider problems, as the Republican candidate opposed the measure and was on the side of racism

The referendum was opposed by many prominent leaders in the political, business, and academic worlds, including both major gubernatorial candidates, Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) – who was reelected on Tuesday – and Dick DeVos (R).

This is why the Republicans had to lose and the Democrats had to win. The GOP had abandoned the Right, and abandoned the People:

Roughly 58 percent of voters across the state, however, came out in favor of the ban

Predictably, the Left seeks to overturn democracy through the courts:

Hours after Michigan voters eliminated affirmative action in college admissions and government hiring, the lawsuits hit the courts. While most educators remain unsure what the ban will do, some students are worried.

The measure does little to stop informal affirmative racism and its quiet racism by hiring boards, tenure boards, etc., but is a good step forward.

Thank you Michigan!

One thought on “Say Yes! to Michigan!”

  1. This is a great decision. It is a victory of equality against privilege, of the center against the Left, and of (with apologies to Al Gore) the people against the powerful.

    It strikes me that there are two possible justifications for an Affirmative Action program.

    1) An Environmental “deficiency.”
    The obvious factors here are school quality, socio-economic status, etc. However, using “affirmative action” in this way does little to help middle-class blacks who have money, have books, send their kids to good schools, and hence benefit from AA as it currently exists. Likewise, using AA to generate “diversity” is a loss less attractive to the racists if it means the kid in class is from another continent and not just down the street. [1]

    2) A Genetic “deficiency”
    I first heard this idea suggested by Dinesh Desouza [2], though it fits well into our medicalization paradigm. There may be group-level differences in intelligence, whether in a domain-general [3] sense, or with a different mix of “multiple intelligences.” If you could actually establish this, it would be unfair to treat unequal groups equally. Of course (a) we don't know that this is the case and (b) that would be embarrassing.

    Woot on, Mr. Younghusband. Woot on.


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