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One of the more interesting parts of being a blogger is enjoying the spectrum of intelligent comments. Top-notch bloggers, such as Tom Barnett, Catholicgauze, Chet Richards, Curtis of Dreaming 5GW, Joshua of One Free Korea, Mark of ZenPundit, Purpleslog, MyDD, and Razib of gnxp are just some of the top notch thinkers out there. Agree or disagree with these choices — who range form atheist to theological, Republican to Democrat, you are smarter for having read such well thought out commentaries on the world.

Then, of course, you have comic relief. The writings of Amendment IX, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and John Robb have long sinse settled into predictable cliche. A combination of “our policy sucks,” a bizarre conspiracy theory, and an angry repitition of mantras

So is one group better to read than another? I don’t think so. It’s similar to ABC’s Wednesday night schedule, LOST and Daybreak. One is an original spectactular which deeply involves the viewer as a participant. The other is a rehash of nearly every cop and time-travel show ever made. But both are enjoyable. Both are pleasurable. We are lucky that both are on the air.

Or the aether of the blogosphere, as the case may be.

4 thoughts on “TV and the Blogosphere”

  1. We haven't seen Daybreak. For one thing, we tend not to watch network TV (came to Lost only this summer, after buying the DVDs). For another, we TiVO everything and never watch live TV, so we're never in the position to watch whatever comes on after a show. Instead, it's pull up the now playing list and what do we want to watch next.

    I'm a cop show junkie, but I can't watch L&O anymore. Watched every episode of every season of NYPD Blue — though we wouldn't have, if it weren't for Dennis Franz.

  2. RightWingProf,

    I got into LOST by watching the videos online, shortly before Season 2 came out. So about half of my experience is the show is similar to yours. It can be painful to watch Network TV after being exposed to better methods.

    Law & Order has been trending down for a while… If you get a chance, compare the courtroom scenes in the first season to present ones. It went from a very realistic setting to a very “TV” one.

    Daybreak is similar to the “buddy cop” film genre. A very good example of a genre piece. Even if all the bits are industry-standard, being able to assemble them in enjoyable ways is the mark of a skilled craftsman.

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