Husker Nation Conquers Big 12 North

Besides Nebraska, there are five teams in the Big 12 Conference North: Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri.

Before the Risorgimento

And after today’s game:
Nebraska vs Kansas 39-32
Nebraska at Iowa State 28-14
Nebraska at Kansas State 21-3
Nebraska vs Missouri 34-20
Nebraska vs Colorado 37-14

Sea of Red

The Husker Nation has already begun offensive operations, liberating Texas A&M from the grip of CIA goon Bob Casey (who apparently got some job in Washington or the other).

Restore the Order.

11 thoughts on “Husker Nation Conquers Big 12 North”

  1. hey, up there in that first list, it should be Iowa *State*.

    what do all of those non-Nebraska states have in common? they divide their resources.

    i ask again: how's the South Dakota football program this year? 😉

  2. Mike,

    I had thought the Trojans were struggling [1], but I guess hope springs eternal! 🙂

    My favorite post on our victory:

    “it was in our beloved memorial stadium so there was no way we would allow colorado to win… THOSE BUFFALO STEAKS WE HAD WERE GREAT



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