Growing Pack Behavior in Juvenile Homo Sapiens

I threw together this presentation, entitled Growing Pack Behavior in Juvenile Homo Sapiens — or — Making Kids Play Nice for an in-class presentation today presentation.


Putting Humanity, and Schools, in Context

We’re the Cooperative Ones

But not Buffalos, Apparently

Schools as Gardens

An Obvious Polymorphism

Guess which one wasn’t in our text?

An absolute majority of people are Wary Cooperators

Free-Riders Go Home!

Ways of Influencing Peer Pressure

Exploit Social Bonds

Little Kids

Bigger Kids

What Changes During School

The Conclusion


2 thoughts on “Growing Pack Behavior in Juvenile Homo Sapiens”

  1. Sean,

    Thanks for the props! There was an interesting discussion on the moral implications of moving people away from altruism towards wary cooperation.

    “Altruism” as second-order free-riding is an important realization, and one that takes a while to sink in.


    Curtis thought something similar [1]

    It would be interesting to see how students with metacognition react to this sort of manipulation…


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