Some Geek Humor

Introducing Defector, the Debut Album from the Hot New Band, Everything Except Epsilon

Defector features Everything Except Epsilon’s original rock anthem, “Ultimatum.” Also enjoy the chart-topping rap ballad “One Shot (Never Going to See You Again)” and the Emo-Pop fusion smash hit, “Be Like Me”

Complete track list:

1. The Egoist Personality Type
2. Ultimatum
3. The Least I Can Do
4. It’s Greek To Me
5. One Shot (Never Going to See You Again)
6. Public Goods (Riding for Free)
7. Just Say Yes
8. Better than Nothing
9. Only Business
10. Be Like Me

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One thought on “Some Geek Humor”

  1. i like it! fav track: 6. Public Goods (Riding for Free)

    but i don't see myself credited. i thought i was going to be in the band…

    (don't worry about cutting me in on the profits, though 😉

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