Delicious Instant Coffee

Every since I received a hot-water heater for my office, I’ve been experimenting with different styles of instant coffee. I have tried the Mocha Fusion Cafe Latte and Mocha Chocolate Cappuccino. (I drink classic roast at home, but I avoid the complexity of brewing coffee when I want it a cup at a time while I work). However, those standard instant coffees still required a spoon to prepare, and were unnecessarily complex, to boot!

Recently, however, I purchased Folger’s Instant Singles, and I am very happy. No spoon is needed, no residue is left behind, and it tastes like regular coffee. I’m hooked! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Delicious Instant Coffee”

  1. Black and Decker makes a single-cup brewer that I would recommend. It's perfect for an office and would allow you to enjoy the delicacy of fresh-brewed coffee.

  2. Sean,

    Upgrade wise, it's awesome. Now I can concentrate on getting my junk calories from Swedish fish [1] and not instant coffee!


    I checked out the single-cup brewers [2], but my main concern with regular coffee makers is the messy garbage of the coffee filter. It's just ugly.

    I've been told, by the way, that technically what I bought is not instant coffee, but rather normal cofee that is brewed through its tea-like pouch. Whatever the truth is, it's delicious! 🙂


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