A Strange Dream

I woke up convinced — with the same level of banal certainly that tells me I can watch HuskerVision from my office — that my grandfather was alive.

I had a vivid dream of walking in the “crick pasture” with him. There is a creek by his old farmhouse, and he owned owned a “lake pasture” on the old Yankton Trail, but this was a different place. It was a relatively small plot, half a section long at most and perhaps a fourth wide, with an oxbow crick in it.

It was spring.

My grandfather, my girlfriend, and I walked up the crick. He was not in the best of health — he stumbled a bit as he walked, and his skin was a little thick from fluid, but he was healthier than he had been for years. We walked just out of the mud on a beautiful spring day.

As we turned on the oxbow I saw a bicycle — with thick blue plastic and sized for a young teenager — in the mud. I pulled it out so it wouldn’t get ruined and we walked along.

I saw a second bicycle, similar to the first, in the mud but also in the water. My grandfather and I pulled it out together, and we laid it on the grass.

We walked a bit farther and I saw a big, plastic, light-grey television remote control in a clump of grass by the creek. I pulled it out, and my grandfather said something I can’t remember. (I think he said that there was no need of it, or that it was junk, but the impression I got was not to throw it away). It was much larger than a standard remote control, but didn’t have extra functionality. Merely the standard remote control buttons. For some reason it seemed like a remote control from the 1980s, but I cannot remember seeing a control shaped like that. So I pulled it out and moved it farther from the mud, too.

We walked farther along, and passed a few rocks that made a natural dam on the creek. My grandfather concentrated to get his legs through the rough spot but managed fine on his own. My girlfriend followed behind him. For some reason after I cleared the hurdle I turned around and laid down on the grass. I looked up at there was this beautiful bush — it was a tree, I knew it was a tree, but in the dream I remember thinking it looked like a bush — that was being flashed by the little creek waterfall. It looked like water was falling up it, and over it. I remember wishing that I had remembered to bring a digital camera because the image was so gorgeous.

Then I woke up.