New Blog: polisci

It’s a wonderful new year for new blogs. I’ve already sun the praises for Dreaming 5th Generation War, Small Wars Journal Blog, Soob de Jour, and Quiet Thoughts. Now I am thrilled to introduce polisci.

polsci is written by a colleageu of mine at the Unviersity of Nebraska, who shares my interest on how genes influence human behavior. Thus our subject matter is often similar, with the different this his writing is far more scholarly, precise, and knowledgeable than mine.

Two of his best:

Welcome to the blogosphere, John!

2 thoughts on “New Blog: polisci”

  1. John,

    Thanks for the visits, and the links! However, I see your non-polisci blog discusses trips to Sioux Falls [1,2] and things like that. Seriously, what sort of blogger spends that sort of time on South Dakota's largest city? [3,4] :-p


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