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Recently, I had the rare fortune of having a haiku poem in my honor, written by no less a poet than a a Chicagoist. It reads:

learned and dense yet cryptic
perfect for haiku

In honor of such an gift, below are short reviews of books I read during the recent break (in haiku form!). Enjoy!

Kingdom of Make Believe,” by Dean Barrett.

New York publisher
Visits Thai sister-in-law
The deaths have begun

Getting it Right,” by William F. Buckley, Jr.

Bill Buckley, Ayn Rand
The John Birch Society
Only one survives

The Emperor’s New Clothes,” by Joseph L. Graves read the tdaxp review)

Just call them racists.
Maybe that will shut them up
P.C. balderdash

The Scientist in the Crib,” by Gopnik, Meltzoff, & Kuhl (read the tdaxp review)

West Pole baby brains
Kantian learning machines
Ridley was better

Evolutionary Developmental Psychology,” by Bjorklund & Pellegrini (read the tdaxp review)

The genes make the man
Adaptations for his life
And for his children

My Secret,” by Frank Warren(read the tdaxp review)

From the angst ridden
Tales of human lives and lies
Through USPS