Boston v. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Shloky has a post up on the Boston / Aqua Teens Lite-Brite Scare (which, among other things, is a phrase I could never imagine actually using until now). While the aqua teens helped calm my nerves on election day, the people of Boston never did me any such service, so I have to be pretty pro-cartoon and city-skeptical in this case.

Boston’s incompetence is beyond hilarious.That a city would put her own citizens through these delays because of light brites that had “a battery behind it, and wires” says few good things about Beantown. While I think most guerrilla marketing that infringes on private property (which seems to have gained vogue through IBM’s Peace, Love, and Linux campaign) is in poor taste, one can’t help but laugh how dangerously out-of-touch Boston’s unionized police force is.

It’s better for incidents like this to be embarrasment, which hopefully will lead to improved procedures, than down the road. It’s good to see one’s weaknesses. Let’s hope this helps Boston in moving forward.

In other good television news, new episodes Day Break (starrting Moon Bloodgood and Taye Diggs) are once again being uploaded to ABC’s online vault. I just finished Episode 7, “What If He Is Not Alone,” and I loved it.

Update: John Robb and (fellow Lincolnite!) Shoe Money join the discussion. But through all these words…

We must never forget.

2 thoughts on “Boston v. Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

  1. No, as the markers were not trying to destroy the state but merely the policies of the state (to force people to buy as may copies of Aqua Teen Hunger Force [1,2,3,4] as possible). :-p

    Perhaps more seriously, this event highlights the importance of static and false-information in the world. The “systempunkt” appears to require widespread knowledge over what is successful and why [5]. Too many false positives or false negatives, and that won't happen.

  2. 1. So isn't this event somehow related to 5GW?

    2. Hillary Swank is so obviously someone's niece. So NOT movie star quality looks, talent, charm. Nothing. She is the Darryl Hannah of our age. DH's only worthy role was in Bladerunner, and only when she wasn't talking. And even then they could have done better.

    3. What does the irritating contemporary success of so many talentless actresses have to do with 5GW?

  3. I think the only real doctrinal conclusion you can draw out of the Aqua Teen Light Brite scare is how important “static” and “resilience” is. Things go wrong, at random times in random places. States are slow and stupid but highly resilient: they are very used to SNAFUs and one more really does little. Small terror organizations though are optimized for efficiency and loyalty, not resilience. Random static can be fatal to these cells.

    The Hillary Swank reference comes from biz's long-standing admiration of that actress. I agree with you on her, Lexington.

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