In Search Of… The Wary Student

Pack your bags, look to the stars, and prepare to go in search of… THE WARY STUDENT

Building off of Alford & Hibbing (2004; 2006a) and The Wary Guerrilla, this study proposes the existence of “wary students” whose default behavior is to help others but also go out of their way to punish perceived injustice. In particular, this paper looks at how issues of technologically-induced cognitive load such as occurs in many distance education settings can exacerbate these traits. To accomplish that this paper also relies on the research programs of John Sweller and Roger Bruning, as well as the other researchers mentioned in the bibliography.

The proposed research extends the findings of The Wary Guerrilla. The series found that there were several different game play types, the most retributatory of which was associated with absolutism and political conservatism. Additionally, the research rejected several more conventional hypothesis of the sort of person who would be a super-punisher. This is what science is: conjecture and refutation.

This series has five parts, besides this introduction. First, I will give an overview of educational psychology and its relation to the rest of the psychological sciences. Next, I tackle cognitive load and cooperative behavior, two elements of an irrational mind. Third, a series of experiments are proposed to determine how load and behavior interact. Last, I predict some of the results and give a bibliography of works cited.

In Search Of, a tdaxp series
1. Educational Psychology
2. Load and Behavior
3. Experiments
4. Conclusions
5. Bibliography

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