February 2007 Links

First, some new links to great blogs:

And now under “Great Posts,” links to two some class projects I’m particularly proud of: one is essentially an extended review of The Origins of Human Nature: Evolutionary Developmental Psychology, while the other is the first companion I’ve written to The Wary Guerrilla:

Additionally, in the interest of sanity and easy navigation, I’ve combined some categories that had less than 10 posts into larger ones. I am using the tags (which don’t add to the size of the navigation menu on the right) to differentiate special topics, as so:


PS: In the link about to Origins, I was going to link it to shelfari instead of Amazon, but I can’t recall my password. If you’re tired of managing Web 2.0 identities, be sure to check out “Useless Account” (tagline: Better than Twitter).

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