My Brother and My Father

My dad is on some pain killers following his operation, so during the 11 o’clock hour — when he is normally the most active — his pulse did not exceed 91 beets/second. So other than a confirmation that he would soon be moved from critical to pulmonary (merely because the successful tracheotomy means he doesn’t need round-the-clock attention, but does need special attention to his breathing tube) I don’t know much.

My brother, Catholicgauze, has also been following the events. WhileI have let tdaxp become far more of a personal blog than Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze over the past many days, my brother’s words are more concise and less technical.

He has written four dad-related posts:

My dad’s heart attack was the Saturday for last. With this post my first writing on his illness, titled “Sick,” falls off this blog’s front page.

3 thoughts on “My Brother and My Father”

  1. I'm a new reader to your blog, so what I've read so far has mainly been your coverage of your father's struggle for life.

    I can't imagine how hard this must be for you to go through this long nightmare.

    But from the way you describe your father, he sounds resilient and determined to live–and someone that strong can't be stopped by any illness.

    I hope and pray your father's condition improves.


    Adam Elkus

  2. AE,

    Thank you.

    He is tough with outsiders and very kind to his family, and to those who need help. He is a perfect father.

    I am sorry your introduction to this site has been to somber. There is some interesting and fun stuff here. Really.

  3. “I am sorry your introduction to this site has been to somber. There is some interesting and fun stuff here. Really.”

    I've read your posts on 4GW and 5GW–it's very thoughtful and innovate stuff. I also write on 4GW and IR theory, so I'm looking forward to having fruitful discussions with you in the future. I also saw your wacky Iranian lingerie model post—and all the hilarious responses.

    I hope things improve soon.

  4. A.E., thank you again.

    I am sorry things have developed as they have. I wanted, and I hoped, to catalog his recovery.

    You are a very good writer. I am sure we will stay in each other's orbit.

  5. Dan,

    Thanks for your praise. Thanks also for posting the link to the Christian war theory in my blog, if that was you.

    I read your tribute to your father. It was very eloquent. I'm sure he would have been proud.

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