Mourning and Blogging

It’s something what the mind races to when it cannot think.

When I was in the hospital, waiting in a dark room to talk to dad again, I thought of the blog. If the terrible thing happened, should the blog’s design change?

The design changed for my grandfather’s passing. Before that day this blog’s banner was a color photo of Lake Henry (outside of Scotland, South Dakota). The lake means a lot to me and meant a lot to my grandfather. What is under that lake does, too.

After that death the color photo became black and white. It looked as cold as I felt.

Then I decided no.

The tdaxp masthead is of the moat around the forbidden city in Beijing, China. My dad was very excited at all the photos I sent back. He was excited about China, too: trying Harben and Tsingtao beer and trying to learn some basic Chinese (my last memory of the shopping with my dad in western Sioux Falls is trying to find some Chinese-language introduction material for him).

In particular, dad would shanghai anyone he could — especially guys near his age — to look at the following photo on his imac. He would begin by saying how I had visited Peking and mention how the city is known for its millions of bicycles. He would show the following image, as the imac’s resolution only allowed part of the photo to be displayed at a time.

Dad would then scroll right. I’ll let you view the full image to get the effect.

One thought on “Mourning and Blogging”

  1. Here by way of Castle Argghhh! I am so sorry about the loss of your father. I have come close to losing my dad twice and that was horrible enough. I cannot imagine how tough it is to actually lose him. He sounds (and looks) like an incredible man.

    Many prayers for you and your family.

  2. HomefrontSix,

    I am happy for your (twice) good fortune, and I wish your father only good health in the future.

    Thank you for your kindness. You'd think that I would have a better ability to express all the gratitude I feel, but I don't. So I can only say “thank you,” though your comment moves me so much more than that.

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