Malaysia against the Mixed-Blooded

Malaysia is a country in the Gap, one of the regions that Tom Barnett describes as “largely disconnected from the global economy and the rule sets that define its stability” (that is, the country is Muslim and/or African). Gap countries tend to be pretty bad places — bad governments, crazy laws, and all the violent bigotry that characterizes the bottom fifth of the world, it’s perhaps not surprising that the racist Malaysian government has decided to free her citiznes from the like of Mark-Paul Gosselaar

and Sara Brinsfield

Courtesy, somewhat sfw

Both Sara and Mark-Paul are “pan-asian,” the current term for miscegenated East-, Southeast- or South- Asian, often with Caucasian ancestry thrown in. Panasians are particularly attractive for advertisers, because they are recognizably Far-Eastern without being particular to any one group.

In the words of the Asia Sentinel:

Beauty now has joined that parade, particularly as a rising tide of mixed marriages, not only in Malaysia but across much of Asia, seems to be creating a new super race of beautiful women. Over the past couple of decades they have taken Asia’s modeling world by storm and changed the very definition of international beauty. They largely dominate magazine advertisements, fashion shows and catwalks from Singapore to Manila to Hong Kong. Some modeling agencies, like Elite Model Management of Hong Kong, have built their business on the faces of mixed-blood models.

But the racist and Gap Malaysian government is dedicated to putting a stop to this glorification of miscegenation:

The Malaysian modeling and advertising industries are in shock after the government announced it was reviving a ban on the multiracial Asian faces that dominate billboards and magazines.

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said yesterday that models with so-called “pan-Asian” features were not representative of Malaysian demographics.

“Using pan-Asian faces means downgrading local faces,” he said. “We have to give priority to models with local looks.”

Pan-Asians are popular in ethnically diverse Malaysia, where advertisers tend to use their neutral features to avoid alienating any customers. A prime example is model and actress Maya Karim, 27, who is of Malay-Chinese-German parentage and is the latest poster girl for L’Oreal Malaysia.

A ban on pan-Asian faces is already in force at two government-owned television stations that cater mainly for majority Malays, who form 60 per cent of the population.

The announcement on Sunday extended the ban to advertising carried by private television stations, the print media and billboards.

The minister said the ban would eventually cover all media, but it was unclear when it would take effect.

However, love triumphs over hate, and beauty triumphs over bias.

Joshua over at One Free Korea already has placed his bet on the eventual victor:

I, for one, welcome our new fembot overlords, and I’d like to remind them that as a trusted blogger, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

Pan-Asian Beauties: work with them now, or for them later.

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  1. That's the funny thing about miscegination; once someone in the family steps out of the old ethnic group, later generations are apt to just the same. Thus, we get mixed blooded folks of not just two, but multiple ethnicities. All to the benefit of our eyes and their genes. Along the silk road and trans-Asian Russia it's the norm, thus my girl is Russki, Ukrainian (won't admit to this), Jewish and Mongol (a side which exhibits itself in arguments). A lovely combination if I might add.

    In the U.S. places like California, Florida, Texas and city centers are home to the same things.

  2. I never would have fathomed Mark Gooselaar as Panasian.
    Of course the same assertion in light of Ms. Brinsfield is doubtful and so, regrettably, I board a flight tomorrow to ascertain the truth…

    Elam, I wonder if your lady can trace her heritage back to the Golden Horde or even Jochi?

    Really though, it's amazing the lengths some “governments” will stretch to stave off the inevitable. Pathetic, even.

  3. ElamBend,

    I'm sure, somewhere, there exists a credible study of heritability of miscegenation. I assume it's quite high.


    I assure you that I only accredited Sara as mixed-blooded after an exhaustive investigation. 😉

    If there is any irony in that, it's that ethnic Malays (who are the intended beneficiaries of this plan) would be discriminated against by race-based affirmative action policies, if they were born in the United States.

  4. Jay,
    My lady's Mongol blood comes from a source too far east to be from the Horde, or especially Jochi; more likely Genghis himself. She grew up in the Novosibirsk (, which in Asian geography is right next door to Mongolia. Her father learned some German in the country-side from Germans who had settled in Siberia (at a Tsar's invitation). She has a somewhat nostalgic view of Russia, but her mother, from which both the Jewish and Mongol blood comes has a much less rosy picture.
    Although the empire, especially during Soviet times emphasized a single citizenship, there was always the sub-strata of feeling among many that only true Russki were Russians. Now immigrants from the Caucasus, Central Asia, and especially the Chinese (

  5. Hi. I personally think the intention is simply to project a more true image of what the majority of local people here looks like. Say if European ads havings too many Zhang Zi Yis models. It does represent the asian community in Europe, but does it really represent the overall looks of the European people?

    So the issue is more subdued & to the point: Do these models represent the very people they're outreaching in these ads? Does Zhang Zi Yi represent French girls, her look-a-likes should rule French ads?

    I hope I say right & be understand. The intention might be as simple. I personally think it's funny to go to Japan & see Britneys or Claudias in their whole media. I would expect to see Japanese women.

    I seek refuge in God from errors. Hope I don't hurt. 🙂

    PS: Will your ad agency take my own lookalikes to rule your media? If not is that racism? 🙂

  6. Nisa,

    Thank you for your comment. I read your blog [1] — it is it is both personal and very well written. You're also a very beautiful woman, and to answer your question “Will your ad agency take my own lookalikes to rule your media? ” the answer is surely yes.

    As to the models… all ad agencies discriminate based on appearance. However, there is a big difference between discrimination by private individuals and mandatory discrimination by the government. The first generates a reflection of people's hopes, fears, and desires — the second is bigotry with the force of law.

    Malaysia fear of non-Malays have not done her good. Imagine how much wealthier and powerful Malaysia would be if she hadn't expelled Singapore, for example, and how much more respected Malaysia would be if she didn't dabble with antisemitism. [2] The targets of Malaysia's government appear to be groups viewed as successful — ethnic Chinese and Jews — when Malaysia should focus on making itself powerful. Unfortunately, it's easier to tear-down than build-up.


    The Jim River Valley of South Dakota and North Dakota is home to a string of colonies of Hutterites — Germans who moved to Russia under invitation from Catherine the Great and left after anti-German sentiment rose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. About half of them made it out of Russia. The other half were eventually killed by Stalin.

    It's hard to see Russia surviving in recognizable form in 20 years. Between high, albeit illegal, Chinese immigration in the east and high Muslim birthrates in the west, what will be left?


  7. Dan,
    I agree with you on Russia. What you don't mention is that there seems to be a psychic malaise over much of the nordic Russians keeping them from being harnessing what Keynes called the “animal spirits.” Their rejection of 'foreigners' means that they are missing the chance to Russify the immigrants and ensure the legacy of the Russian culture. Russia's trajectory may be that of the Ottomans (i.e. Seljuk Turks), eventually a hyper-nationistic rump state based out of the lands west of the Urals will be left, a situtation that bodes not well for minorities in those lands or Ruskis in central Asia.

    As for the Hutterites, I believe this is somewhat germain:

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  9. saiful,

    While I suspect your comment is spam, I am in close contact with people woh are doing business in Malaysia, so your tangent struck me as interesting.


    From the linked post:

    In return for religious freedom, exemption from military service, the right to speak German in schools and elsewhere, the right to administer their own educational, medical, social organizations and financial institutions, the Mennonites agreed to colonize an area thought to be inhospitable and unproductive due to the lack of water. The 1921 law passed by the Paraguayan congress in effect allowed the Mennonites to create a state within the state of Boqueron.


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