JL Kirk & Associates: Miscellaneous Updates

First, props to ZenPundit and Soob for adding their thoughts to the JL Kirk Discussion. ZenPundit pens a new word, autoborking, that is a synonym for kirking. And Soob ties his thoughts to the discussion on Dreaming 5GW.

Several new JL Kirk pages are now in the Google Top 30.

Neutral Misfires becomes the third blogger to come forward with a personal experience on JL Kirk.

Additionally, while no blog pages occur in the Live Top 30 for JL Kirk (my writing be reduced to slots 33 and 34), several bloggers do appear in the Microsoft search engine’s result after that. They are, among others, Bob Krumm, Growing Up, Just Another Pretty Farce, KnoxNews, and Ripples.

Ask.com’s JL Kirk results are odd, and tend heavily to scientifc/ “other” kirks. The best of these false results, returning neither the company nor critics, is to ‘Shadow of the Beast’ ANalayzed by Margaret Carter, which includes the following line: “JL: Kirk’s original humiliation at being called to protect a grain shipment, compounded by an official order to do so, is now exacerbated by his losing the fight to keep the Klingons off the station. THE PLOT THICKENS.” If only it were so!

Last: the Urban Dictionary gives a pre-scandal definition of “kirk” which fits the new one: To go crazy, to flip out, to wig out.. Indeed.

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