The End of the JL Kirk Story?

Coble, K. 2007. JL Kirk Resolution. Just Another Pretty Farce. April 17, 2007. Available online:

Katherine Coble declares victory, but J.L. Kirk may not be telling the whole truth.

JL Kirk’s main concern at the outset was that we communicate their position – which is different from the information originally told to me by a JL Kirk employee – that JL Kirk is not a continuation of the defunct Bernard Haldane company, either in terms of corporate identity or stock ownership, and that JL Kirk’s principal, Kirk Leipzig, is only a former Bernard Haldane employee but did not buy any assets or stock of Bernard Haldane.

American Pundit, Captain’s Quarters, Likelihood of Confusion, Nashville is Talking, and Newscoma are among the first to congratulate a blogger for surving legal hooliganism.

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