More JL Kirk Links

Two link classes today, those that linked to tdaxp and those that did not.

Hidden Unities mentioned the kirking in brief, while South Dakota Politics goes into some detail. Curtis (of D5GW fame) will be happy that his criticism of RipOffReport‘s page on JL Kirk and Associates is mentioned on Liberal Utopia.

Meanwhile, Say Uncle wonders what is actionable, Fark‘s headline reads J. L. Kirk & Associates sues blogger over stray comment about them being a scam, assuring 10,000 times more bad publicity for their scamming ways than if they had ignored it, the Jawa Report reports facts that do not involve any actual jawas, Q&O looks like its preparing to write a “Kirking for Dummies” book, and Salem’s Lots notes that nobody likes a bully.

iPod Reloaded, Part III: It works!

They could rebuild it. They have the technology.

And happily they did, and for a reasonable price, too. While my iPod Mini, fixed and upgraded from a 4GB harddrive to an 8GB flashdrive (so more reliable, twice the space, and longer battery life) technically arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday, the slowness of UNL’s internal mail system kept it from me until this morning. But it came. And I was delighted.


The well-packed iPod Mini was rapidly recovered, and worked fine out of the box. (iFixiPodsFast installed a test song, presumably under a creative commons license, so that you can see whether or not the machine works before you hook it up to the computer.) I pluged it in, had iTunes synch a 7GB playlist I created, and waited while the songs transfered. And even on a nice USB connection, 7 GB is a lot of songs.


I then copied over the podcasts I listen to, and tested out the iPod Mini. It worked perfectly.

While I had one class in the evening, I spent a lot of time today just walking around, enjoying my repaired & improved iPod mini.

iPod Reloaded, a tdaxp series
1. A Shot in the Dark
2. Broken, Fixed, Upgraded
3. It works!