John Wiley Interscience and Defensive Swarms

In spite of an overly concillatory (if understandibly so) reaction, Jonh Wiley & Sons’ “Wiley Interscience” slappd-down of Retrospectacle apperas to be over. Boing Boing, SEED, Slashdot, Nature and other big shots entered the fray Even Scientific American spoke out on the power of the blogosphere’s immune system:

The most effective fighting force a blogger has is other bloggers. I cannot be certain that Wiley relented for any other reason than bad press, which they were getting from a number of people–including bloggers associated with other journals, like Nature, who are now valid members of the scientific community.

While some criticize the value or justness of autoimmunity, all bloggers can be thankful that there are other bloggers to stand up for them when powerful interests threaten them with judicial violence.

3 thoughts on “John Wiley Interscience and Defensive Swarms”

  1. Wow. While I've been woefully awol these last 6 months, Dan, i will pitch in saying I think i agree with your point and will defend such with my life and will also involuntarily volunteer those whom I know in a vague sense thanks to my dotty travels thru the defense establishment. Other than that, yo!

    [Is this a mea culpa or a culpa mea?]

  2. Dan,
    I believe that John Wiley & Sons is the libertarian ideal. They saw saw criticism, they saw a mistake, and they acted to correct. This is was my argument from the JL kirk event. A business will respond when they feel their reputation (also known as their profits) are risk and they will act. You should not be too surprised here, this is as it should be. A genuine business is interested in rectifying its reputation in order to continue doing business.


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