I’m never reading National Review Online Again

Putting up a detailed spoiler for an episode that hasn’t even finished airing in California, let alone for people who watch it via iTunes, is sickening. It’s bad form and bad sportsmanship. It’s hateful blog “journalism” that I want nothing of.

A reader — with who I am not happy with, pending an explanation — sent the spoiler in to me. If I had read even the second line a major plot development would have been revealed.

I’m not linking to the article, and I’m not linking to that blog. Left or Right, smart or dumb, Podhoretz’s post was unprofessional and juvenile. I want nothing to do with the National Review or John Podhoretz.

The sidebar links to all National Review properties are removed within the day. As time permits, I’ll purge them from the archives (though I will leave the manually URL or else use a nofollow tag, so that all sources on this blog can be checked).

4 thoughts on “I’m never reading National Review Online Again”

  1. I don't like them at all, (as you might have guessed), but Derbyshire's columns are at least good for laughs.

    What show did they spoil?

  2. AE — interesting on Derybshire. He's by far the best writer they have. (You have to be doing something right to get 6,000 hits on gnxp! [1] ])

    Adam — I'm still bitter over a link on drudge giving away the ending to Apocalypto. (grumble grumble) However, at least that was in the context of a variety review, and not out of malice.

    Brendan — agreed! Fortunately I was able to divert my eyes as quickly as possible. Wow! Amazing episode!

    [1] http://www.google.com/search?q=derbyshire+site

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