Google: Good and Bad

The good: The Great Firewall of China is blogging blogspot and livejournal currently — thanks Cisco and Nortel! Fortunately, google reader is still up and running, so I can still follow all of my favorite blogs.

The bad: Unfortunately, google’s attempt to track its users is reducing its functionality as a quick search engine. For instance, if I google “great firewall of china tdaxp,” the first result appears to be to but is actually to…. So to copy a url, right-clicking on the result is not good enough — I need to follow it to its source.

2 thoughts on “Google: Good and Bad”

  1. Sean,

    That behavior is typical now, but it wasn’t as of earlier. Google Reader still has the old behavior, where copying a link puts the actual link (as opposed to googlefied trash) in the clipboard.

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