Let’s spend our lives together

I write many things, but I do not know how to write it.

I don’t know how to say it.

And you know my voice — you would not want me to try to sing it!

Unlike you I am not an artist. I cannot draw it or paint it.

More than I can write, say, sing, draw, or paint,

I love you.


Will you marry me?

32 thoughts on “Let’s spend our lives together”

  1. Unlike you I am not a professional blogger, But I can cook 🙂
    I don't know how to say so many things, but I can make your favorite type of stew beef.

    I love you.


  2. hooray! i have been waiting for this good news for a long time!

    congratulations both of you!

    (was this really done totally online?)

  3. It is about time someone put Dan to work. Enjoy repainting the kitchen every few years for the next 50 or so!


  4. Congratulations to you both !!!! I'm betting though that Dan has the better of the deal here v:O)

    (” Fei, Do you take this man..and his laptop…forever as you both shall blog ?”)

  5. btw, mind if i keep humming the subject of this post to the tune 'Let's spend the night together' by the Stones? 😉

  6. You two will have the most interesting children ever born! May you have a life of excitement and adventure! Together, that is.

  7. OK, for someone that likes the blog, visits occassionally, but isn't in the know, what's his fiance do that's so unusual that makes this union special (besides the fact that they love each other?)

  8. Best wishes, Dan.

    To Shoebob — the only thing that needs to be special is that they love each other. Rare, and precious.

  9. That is quite possibly the goofiest approaches to the task that I have ever seen. You're not from SD are you? 😉 Congratulations!

  10. Been married 15 years. 5 kids.

    Marrying my wife is the only smart decision I have made on a major issue as an adult.

    You guys are going to do great.

    Congratulations. Bravo. Good luck.

  11. Congrats Dan & Fei, I am so happy for both of you and hope your marriage can happen relatively soon if that is what you both desire.

    I am in the engaged/marriage waiting period now and I can't wait for the day to finally arrive mid-next year.

    (Dan, what a neat, heartfelt way to ask the girl you love to share your future and world with her, I think its awesome!).

  12. Congratulations!

    You're dorks. I love it.

    I'd propose to my girlfriend (of over 3 years) on my blog but I don't think she even reads it!

  13. Here's to the roses and lilies in bloom,
    to you and Fei's arms and she in your room,
    a door that is locked,
    a key that is lost,
    a bird, a bottle, a bed badly tossed,
    and a night that is 50 years long!


  14. I can't believe I missed this for a whole day!

    Congratulations Mr. Dan and Fei!

    I can't wait for the traditional american fajitas and baby sacrifice at the wedding!

  15. I've got a feeling this will be an interesting wedding. I look forward to it. Congratulations! I intend on filming the baby sacrifice, by the way.

  16. Sorry, didn't mean to sound cynical. No intention. As a newlywed, I fully understand how momentous a moment this is, and I wish them the best.

    Just some of the posts were referencing some unusual aspects to their relationship, and I thought it might be that she was a blogger too, or that they met through a blog, etc.

    But you're right, having it all on the blog is pretty neat in and of itself.

    Slainte to the affianced.

  17. Sorry if I came across sounding snide or cynical, that was not my intention at all. I herald the happy couple's engagement.

    It was just that some of the previous posts seemed to indicate something else unique about the couple, like they were both bloggers, or they met on a blog, etc.

    But then, a blog-agement is pretty cool too.

    Sorry if I sounded snarky.

  18. OK, new to posting blogs, so I mistake timeouts as not posting, hence my double posting.

    Connectivity is a bear out at sea.

  19. NICE ONE!

    Sto Lat, Stary!

    I echo Zen's sentiments… Will the wedding be streamed?

    Congratulations, again.


  20. I sure did pick a bad time to have 'puter problems.

    Congrats Dan and Fei! (Now Dan will know what's like to have someone yelling 'Will you get off that stupid thing, come in here, and…' too. :0) ).

    Lady and Lord Tdaxp has a nice ring to it, don't it?

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