Canton, From Chuhai to Peking

The worst thing about Canton

Is leaving. How can one not miss the beauty, sun, warmth, cleanliness, liveliness, and happiness of China’s most prosperous province?

On the last day we took a drive and went for a swim, but first…

Early morning rising, and exploring the area around the hotel.

But no open coffee shops!

Once we were both up, it was down for breakfast:

But no grand staircase!

Finally, the drive. We asked the taxi driver to take us to Zhuhai’s sculpture of the goddess who became human for true love.. Somewhat anticlimactically, it was a mile away, and completely inaccessible. Oh well.

Nice view, though

We drove around, but there was much beauty but little new. One area had a whole lot of little traditional boats, but the taxi drove by them too fast… The region is hilly, and for part of the way the Pearl Ocean was to one side and the green flowery hillside was to the other:

We had the morning to kill before we needed to be back at the airport, so one last dive in the water:

On my very last swim I took the digital camera in as far as I dared. The scene was actually a lot bluer than this. (Blame me, I guess). Still, a neat shot:


But at last, it was time to say good bye to the beach…

Our (rented) beach camp

… and head home. Back to crowded Beijing. The bus from the airport let us off near a supermarket. It was rush hour, and we figured nearly everything was better than a two hour stuck-in-traffic commute home (as after our visit to the Arts District).

Jumping, over a gate, into traffic

A crowded bus

Still, the final day was not melancholy. Amidst all the people and vehicles we saw pack animals brining goods to market.

Seller of Watermelons

The day was extremely windy, and apparently the previous day featured rain. Thus everything was in place for the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen in Beijing. As the light grew dimmer and dimmer


The city grew more and more beautiful

Eventually the day ended. A perfect trip grew to a close.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Canton, a tdaxp travelogue
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2. Yatsen City
3. Chunshan to Chuhai
4. Pearl Ocean
5. Chuhai to Peking

One thought on “Canton, From Chuhai to Peking”

  1. Dan,

    Thanks for the series. I would have loved to see MORE pictures! It was fun to vicariously take the trip.

    Congratulations again on the engagement and my condolences on the accident!


  2. Mike,

    Glad you like the photos! If you click on most any of the pictures, you'll be taken to the photo gallery with largest previews, better navigation, etc.

    Thanks for the props! And the accident was no big deal — I think my crash-shout was more out of annoyance than injury. 🙂

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