Wedding in Tianjin

Yesterday I had the pleasure of returning to Tianjin to attend a wedding.

The wedding was great, and included everything you wouldn’t expect, from a caravan of red cars to the Imperial March.

Red is a lucky color in China, so it was definitely a “red letter day.” The families had contracted with a service to drive us from Beijing to Tianjin (about a 90 minute jaunt) in a line of red cars.


The drivers were a ton of fun — to kill time they cooperated to repeatedly cut-off a car which had cut us off

Turned out to be a cop!

And using the CB radios to communicate in…. unorthodox ways

Not his radio

The ceremony itself was quite nice, and one of the fellow guests mentioned that Chinese weddings are increasingly emphasized by their western counterpart. The exclusive use of American music (with Celine Dion at a particularly important part) was notable, though I’ve never heard the Star Wars Imperial March used as a wedding march before.

All hail Palpatine!

All hail Celine!

The wedding reception was held in the same building as the couple’s new apartment, which they proudly showed off. This was the highlight of the day: their freakin’ sweet HDTV.

A great day! We were driven back to Xizhimen on a chartered bus

And then took a taxi back. The weather was beautiful, and the sky was clear.

Thanks for the wonderful day!

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