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  1. Don't listen to the Podcast until you have seen the finale. I presume you haven't because you are in China.

    I stayed spoiler free this year and am glad for it.

    The second half of the season was outstanding.

  2. PS,

    Luckily, iTunes worked for me, so I could download episodes for $1.99/each (same for “24”). And because I didn't see any advertisements for the episode, I think I was more spoiler-free than most American viewers.

    There really were two LOST seasons this year: a very disappointing one starting with “A Tale of Two Cities” and going through “Stranger in a Strange Land,” and the best one ever, beginning with “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” and going through the year.

    On the plane ride from Beijing I went back to podcasts from the first episode and right before — in one, a Time interview with the EPs is mentioned, where they complained that the Lost Experience took time away from the TV Show. But once they got focused again: wow!

  3. Cliff,

    Communist China regularly blocks websites that it deems politically subversive. It does this using licensed Cisco and Nortel networking equipment. — there's a lot of Chinese (1.6 billion), so without the help of Cisco and Nortel they could not do this so effectively while keeping the economic benefits of the internet.

    Beijing never officiall says who they are blocking or why, but your “Generally Speaking About the Church” podcast may well be the reason. (Alternatively, someone else with an IP address very similar to gspn.tv is offensive to the government, and they aren't taking chances).

    Mao confiscated the independent Christian Churches shortly after he took power, and forced Christians to either renounce their faith or join one of three Communist Party approved organization: the China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (for Protestants) and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (for Catholics). About 1% of Chinese belong to these fallen churches. However, most Christians belong to illegal, “unregistered” house churches or else follow the underground Roman Catholic Church. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in China [1], and around 4% of Chinese (40 million people) are Christian.

    Christianity is particularly embarrassing for the Communist Party, because many of the heroes that the Party teaches as proto-Communists were actually Christian. Sun Yatsen, China's George Washington, was a mainline Christian. Additionally, the revolutionaries of the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Preace (Taiping Tianguo) considered themselves Christian, and while in power banned opium, prostitution, gambling, polygamy, slavery, and torture — though because the Taiping were converts and cut off from the rest of the Christian world, they had a childlike-confusion on much of the theology.

    Then of course there is the One Child policy.

    Since the Korean War, Christianity has risen from 1% of the South Korean Population to about 25%. We live in an evangelizing age. The Communist Party knows that. Hence the censorship and oppression.

    Caiaphas and Diocletian knew what they were doing. [2] The Communist Party does too.


    Me too! During the haitus, check out Cliff & Stephanie's gspn.tv Lost podcast [3]. It's fun, informative, and — during the break — the closest to Lost we're going to get. 🙂

    [1] http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6337627.stm
    [2] http://www.tdaxp.com/archive/2005/07/10/caiaphas-and-diocletian-did-know-better.html
    [3] http://ravenscraft.org/gspn/archives/category/weeklylostpodcast/

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