Positive Impressions of "Agile Web Development with Rails—Second Edition"

I’m embarking on a new project. Eventually, I hope, it will tie together with Coming Anarchy, the Wary Guerrilla Wary Student projects, as well as some other stuff. For this stage, though, I get to put my computer science experience to use by learning the hip new development platform: Ruby on Rails.

At first Ruby on Rails is — scary. The tutorials I found online weren’t much help. Happily, a fellow student who is also involved and knows more than I do suggested Agile Web Development with Rails—Second Edition. The book is amazingly good.

The book starts right-off with useful information about getting a development system up and running. Then a great “hello world” program which emphasizes Ruby on Rails usability from both the programmer’s and the end-user’s standpoint. The chapter ends with logical, simple tasks to aid procedural memorization.

I haven’t finished the book yet (far from it), and I haven’t begun on the main project either. But so far this book is an outstanding resource.

4 thoughts on “Positive Impressions of "Agile Web Development with Rails—Second Edition"”

  1. I've been wanting to sit down and learn Rails for over a year now, but as I have no programming background and no free time I thought it would take too long. I look forward to any future reviews of the book and the framework.

  2. Younghusband,

    I went through the second substantive chapter today. The way ROR takes over the database is interesting, convenient — and mind blowing (for this perl programmer). Very cool.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Mrs. Z would like to know if RoR is a content management system like JOOMLA ?

    (whatever the hell that is- LOL!)

    Hey – will you be staying in DC or Alexandria come July ?

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