Frustration with APEX DVD Player

Over my recent trip to China I forgot the clever place I packed my Apex DVD remote, which means I’m stuck with the three buttons on the box: eject, play, and stop. I searched online for universal remote control codes for the thing, but I learned that Apex purposefully changes codes a lot to prevent users from using universal remote controls. (This way, they have to use an Apex-branded universal remote or else pay for a replacement remote.)

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  1. I remember buying what is now my dvd player with my father and brother at Ultimate Electronics years ago. For the time it was very neat and affordable — it was the family's first DVD player.

    But this vendor lock-in is unfortunate. I will not buy another APEX product either.

  2. I got a better solution. Instead of buying of Apex product, you should have just gave me half the money you spent on the thing, then I would punch you in the nuts, and we would call it a day.;)

    Anyways, I once had an Apex DVD player (I figured I might as well get it since it was the same price as a controller for my Xbox.) In two months the disc tray broke and I had to literally brake the player appart to get the disc out. Otherwise, the player worked, that is if the only thing you wanted to do with it was watch the first season of the office over and over.

    “…it was the family's first DVD player.”

    Speaking of new video formats, Blu-Ray and HDDVD players are starting to come with several free movies. At Nebraska furniture mart in Omaha I saw a Toshiba HDDVD player for three hundred dollars with 5 free movies. That is like getting the player for 175 dollars in the end.

  3. Jeffrey,

    Yeah, the tray acts up, too. It's been stuck before, and sometimes it decides to try to cut off my hand while I retrieve a disk.

    The Nebraska Furniture Mart sale is interesting. Likewise the whole PlayStation 3, which throws in a BluRay player for a hundred bucks. It's an interesting time for technophiles…

  4. …and I don't mean to be a prophet or anything, but I am suspecting that, given the resent manufacturing cost cut for blue diodes and the post history of console manufactures acknowledging price cuts during major trade show events (such as this year's E3), I am predicting that the PS3 is going to drop 150-200 bucks by the middle of July. If I am wrong, then it is commonly asserted by industry analysts that the console will have a price drop by the holidays.

    “The Nebraska Furniture Mart sale is interesting.”

    Just one of the many reasons why I think Warren Buffet is one of the greatest human beings to ever set foot on this earth. Oh, and that whole 30 billion dollar donation to charity thing counts too I guess.

  5. Jeffrey,

    Um… interesting links.

    It would be nice if the XBOX360/PS3 both drop in price, along with HDTV monitors. I have interests in two-and-a-half franchises:

    NCAA Football
    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    A good console + hdtv currently sets me back as much as a good laptop. When the price falls below that I'd be very interested in a purchase.

    PS: I found the apex remote! Hurrah!

  6. DOA?

    As in Dead or Alive?

    Not to go all Sony fanboy on you, but you should check out Warhawk for the PS3. It is a territory based combat game like BF and UT2004's onslaught mode, but with much more fully featured flight mecanices.

    However, I do think the 360 is a good console in its own right, but I am not as compelled towards it since I have had my fill of similar games on the PC. With the PS3 at least I get a nextgen video format and free internet multiplayer. The net multiplayer is 50 dollars a year on the 360 and is p2p rather than server based, which I think is obsurd.

    …and so far, the first two franchises can be found on both consoles, though DOA (assuming you mean Dead or Alive) has only made an apperence on the 360 so far, though it has been rumored and it seems very likely that the franchise will appear on the PS3 as well.

    Oh, and heres a nifty link for graphical comparisons.;title;5&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot

  7. Jeffrey

    Dead or Alive, indeed.

    Multiplayer isn't as big a thing for me, I think, as Oblivion doesn't support it at all, and joining an NCAA league is probably too intense for me. But it is a factor, so thank you for bringing it up.

    Oblivion was released first for X3 and then for PS3, so perhaps DOA will join it in being cross-platform. Have you heard any concrete rumors?

    Thanks for the graphics link. Both look pretty to me! 🙂

  8. “The PS3 has the advantage of being more future-proof and having a BluRay player.”

    I am not sure if I would say that. The reason the original Xbox died such an early death had to do with the fact that it wasn't originally designed with future cost reduction in mind, and Microsoft made sure that they would not make that same mistake again. That is why Microsoft is plaining to pull its first profit in the Xbox department this coming fiscal quarter. This is something that couldn't be done with the first Xbox, even with its healthy user base.

    BTW, I am actually learning towards the 360 now because of Sony's terrible relationship with third-party developers and because dual-HDDVD/Blu-ray players seem to be a hop and a skip away. Not that I wont buy a PS3 down the road, it is just that I will probably get a 360 before I do.;)

    Case in point: A Japanese third party title, developed by Koei, by the name of Fatal Inertia was first being built around the PS3 hardware about a year and a half before the PS3's release. After being pushed back several times (it may have actually been an expected launch title for the PS3), it was later announced to be developed for the 360 as well. Now, it has just been recently announced that Fatal Inertia, the title that was in development for 2 years, was developed around the PS3 hardware, and is developed in a nation were the PS3 outsells the 360 three to one on a weekly bases, is delayed indefinably for the PS3 while the Xbox version is still on track.

    It is not only the user base that turns third-parties away. Keep in mind that it has a deadly combination of being both expensive to develop for and not very port friendly. If it was port friendly, that would mean that publishers wouldn't think twice about bring every 360 third party title the have in their arsenal to the PS3 on the bases that it would be cheap to do so, regardless of the PS3's userbase, but the sad fact is that even PS3 titles that are on other platforms have to be developed from the ground up to a certain degree, meaning that port has become more economically unfeasible. Luke Plunkett of put it best when he said that porting a game to the PS3 is like trying to smell a rose buried in a pile of shit.

  9. Jeffrey,

    Thank you for your advice.

    I'm familiar with the development issues relating to Sony's unusual processor set-up. This combined with low market share should reduce development for the platform all around. Three games I would play (DOAX2, DOA4, and Carcasonne) are only on the XBOX 360 at this point, and the other two (Oblivion and NCAA Football) are for both consoles. It makes little sense to buy a PS3 for more just to wait for games I want to play….

    Playstation's big advantage is the built-in bluray player, and presuming that Microsoft does not integrate one into the XBox at some time I guess the purchase is inevitable at some time in the future.

    But for the near term, the best approach is probably to wait for the prices to fall, then pick up an xbox and an hdtv.


    Well, consider the two links above and one may come to the conclusion that one can torture themselves contemplating the variables that go into third-party support.

    Your right in that a DOA fighting titles hasn't been announced yet for the PS3, but Carcasonne can be found on the PC while I can't fathom why one would factor DOAX2 into one's console purchase.

    Not to belittle your taste in games or anything, but from what I can gather it seems that you are overlooking several titles with high potential that can be found on all platforms. Take the time to go on and check out the complete list for each platform. I am sure of how surprised you will be when you discover what you missed. There are especially a health collection of PS3 titles coming out between now and the release of the highly anticipation MGS4 that will land early next year.

  11. Also, don't forget the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) coming up this Wednesday!

  12. Jeffrey,

    Sony's latest odd move — temporarily cutting the price on the old model while introducing a newer, better, and pricier PS3 — signals they have forfeited the console war to Microsoft for half a generation. Sony now seems to view the PS3 as a BluRay player with the ability to transform into a console down the line, rather than as a competitor to the cheaper and (for now) comparable XBOX 360 or the much cheaper (but sdtv) Wii.

  13. “signals they have forfeited the console war to Microsoft for half a generation. Sony now seems to view the PS3 as a BluRay player with the ability to transform into a console down the line”

    Taking into consideration the exclusive content deal with MMO developer NCsoft and the fact that they secured timed exclusives for this holiday season such as Haze and the console version of Unreal Tournament 3, I would say I reach a different conclusion. Even more so when you consider that the PS3 holds the number one spot on and other retails reporting at least twice as many sales since the price drop.

    However, the fact still remains that they included a Blu-Ray drive to push their proprietary format and not so much as to enhance the overall gaming experience.

    “Sony's latest odd move — temporarily cutting the price on the old model while introducing a newer, better, and pricier PS3”

    How is a price drop incentive along with a new version an odd move?

    What is an odd move, however, is SCEI president and CEO Kaz Hirai announcing that they are discontinuing the 60 GB model in favor of maintaining one SKU in the form of the 80 GB one that will be “introduced” (key word) at 599. However, this may make perfect sense in the end when you consider the following possible scenario (one in which I am predicting will happen).

    OK, so they are discontinuing the 60GB version with roughly 2,000,000 unsold unit around the world. With that said, I would predict that the 60GB version will last around a couple of months after the 80GB one launches in August. So, consumers will only have a choice for a couple of months, right. Well, what if Sony's plan is to get rid of all the 60GB PS3s while price cutting the 80GB PS3 around the holiday season?

    After all, the 80GB PS3 isn't that much more expensive to make than a 60GB one (the hard drives are supposed to be the same exact form factor as a laptop HDD) and including a first party software title in the form of Motorstorm would practically cost pennies (assuming they are using the game as an incentive and not something to further profit on).

    With that considered, Sony is in a perfect position to drop the price of the new unit somewhere between when the 60GB units run out and the holiday season, and I think they will.

    Even if I am wrong, you have to admit I was more accurate about the 60GB price drop than most paid analysts.;)

  14. I too lost my remote to Apex DVD 1118 looking for univ. code to put into my Jensen universal remote 300. So now what. 64.95 to order a replacement a bit much I think

  15. Edna,

    Agreed. New DVD players cost less than that, and even a budget HD-DVD player isn't much more expensive.

    My APEX player was good for its time, but I'l be happy when it's replaced.


    Can you give us an update? Did your prediction come true.

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