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Finally got the home office set up last night. Two desks are a right angle, wireless networking, all that jazz. I haven’t had this setup since I taught in Iowa (while finishing up my computer science thesis), so its nice to be here again. An advantage of an apartment over a dorm is obviously the increase in space, and I’m using it to good effect.

2 thoughts on “Home Office”

  1. Michael….


    And I was happy to have a hundred year old desk (er, antique, yeah, that's it) from the former state college at Springfield, South Dakota!


    Man it's convenient — for the past week I'd been going to the union every morning to have wireless connectivity. A comfy, quiet, nice office does wonders.

  2. At the Quail Run house, I would use PeoplesDan's bedroom for an office. He had an identical desk to mine, a bed, and a tv. Traveling constultant spartasnism. While my desk was covered in bills, notes, assignments and empty Coke cans, his was spotless and his room had large windows.

    Then he bought an HD tv, and while he still wasn't there 3 weekends out of 4, I spent more time watching Discovery HD or National Geographic HD than getting any work done.

    The ultimate fantasy: Some kind of island retreat where I'll have nothing to do but work on the book. Know anyone who owns an island besides Craig Kennedy?

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