The Horrors and heroes of the Mike Nifong / Crystal Gang Mangum Hoax

The story is well known: Crystal Gail Mangum — a prostitute and stripper who had previously falsely accused innocents of rape — once again accused youths of rape. Michael Byron Nifong, the corrupt prosecutor of Durham County, North Carolina — acted on those charges, in spite of Mangum’s unreliably testimony and increasingly strong contradictory evidence.

Mike Nifong is now no longer a lawyer and no longer a prosecutor. His victims will be suing him, so he may lose his pension. The State may further prosecute him, so he may lose his liberty.


It’s easy to feel sorry for him, but it’s important to remember how close he came to getting away with his evil. At worst, youths would have spent decades in prison, and become the victims of sadistic guards and fellow inmates who are real rapists. At best Nifong would drop the charges while still slandering the youths (read Gerald Bard Tjoflat’s words for more).

The State Bar voted to investigate him by only one vote.

Clearly, the actions of the mainstream media were part of the horror. By referring to Crystal Gail with positively charged words as a “working mother” and “college student,” they were complicit in covering up her past crimes and forming the Mike Nifong hoax echo chamber.

However, there were heroes too.‘s research was a great effort to break the echo chamber and let the truth — that Crystal Gail Mangum is a liar and Michael Byron Nifong is a corrupt prosecutor — be known.

If Dilby‘s work helped to shift just one vote of the NC State Bar — which is quite possible — then is a hero. For even the innocent athletes who fought back had little choice. But Dilby risked his reputation so that the truth could be known.

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  1. Dan,
    Bill Anderson over at also wrote tirelessly about the Duke case. I believe he was even in close contact with some of the parents. He certainly deserves some praise as well.


  2. Dan,
    Thanks for the link. There is some great, well written and written posts there. It seems to me that much of these issues are systemic. I think the election of judges (an ongoing issue of corruption here in Illinois) is one of the systemic issues that has to be resolved in N.C. and elsewhere. There seems to be many other issues, but I am not well read enough about the criminal justice system to identify them.


  3. Believer Of Faith

    I will be calling Mr. Hardin first thing this morning! My family has waited far too long for answers and JUSTICE for my murdered brother!

    We have been given the run-around like a dog chasing it's own tail, treated like dirt, and DEMAND their be ACCOUNTABILITY, and a TRUE investigation! Only because we are in another state, they think they can say and do whatever they want and are not responsible?!

    I hope other families of murdered loved ones who died under Nifong's reign of corruption will also rise up and be heard! The legal system came to a halt, cases are backed up to an incredible number, and have been tossed to the side while the parade passed on and on and on!

    There are PLENTY more equally inept officials STILL in office who also need to be exposed and removed! To think Nifong is the only one is foolish. To think there will be any CHANGE is also a farce. Unless there is a COMPLETE cleaning of house, the only honest change will be just a name on a door!

    We live in a world where we read daily of our elected officials and memebers of law enforcement being found guilty from everything to murder, to numerous crimes too many to mention!

    These are people we have elected, and who are supposed to protect us?! What example does that leave for the citizens?! It has made me bitter against the system that I believed to be in place of OUR rights and safety!

    So, if Mr. Harding does nothing, this will just prove to be another example of denial, and more dirt swept under the rug. It saddens me to see him say that Nifong is over, and to not take responsibility for his actions! How can you ever recover unless you admit there is something wrong?!

    The last thing Durham needs is for things to go on as they were! The politicians and officials should be shouting for reform instead of hoping the passage of time will dull our memories……

    I would certainly consider this truly be, “The Worst Of Times!”
    The days and weeks ahead will be the test to see just which direction the city chooses to take. Let us pray they go forward!

    Rhonda Fleming

  4. I would think this would prove to show further contempt of court, and that Nifong again believes in his OWN “standards?!”
    Another fine example of corruption in office, and is doing nothing but eroding our confidence in not only the government officials “WE” voted into office, but also the government itself!
    Holding an office has become a system where if you are a member, are entitled to do as you wish without consequence! There are 2 sets of laws, one for us, and the other for “THEM!”
    Another lovely fact is the state pays to defend them, meanwhile citizens lose their homes and life savings to have their cases heard! Completely ABSURD!
    I must admit to enjoying the side show! Nifong comes into his appointment by deception, continued in deceptive practices, and is STILL trying to deceive us, and himself! He is truly the epitome of a COWARD!
    Now that he doesn't have his title to contort and hide behind, he has turned into a sniveling wimp! Hiding his head in the sand and playing his guitar will not change the fact that his avoidance will last only for a season, then his day WILL come!
    Until then he is providing us with A LOT of entertainment, and I am glad to see that he is suffering and frightened! This short taste of his own medicine cannot compare to the deaths of innocent lives of citizens whom he has ignored and defiled!
    He should be so ashamed, and apologetic knowing he purposely almost sent 3 innocent men to jail for years for a crime he KNEW they did not commit, completely ignore murder cases and the entire judicial system ground to a halt for ONE case?! And do we honestly think this was the only circumstance?!
    He cannot hide, nor ignore the fact that he indeed shall reap what he has sewn, and EVERYTHING he did was by his own choice, for his own motives and agenda!
    He is now only beginning to have any sort of pain, AND he is GUILTY by his own admission! Whatever feelings of fright he may have are not near as close to the ones HE was responsible for when they were INNOCENT! The bitter taste of the truthful pill is not nearly as bitter of those of tears of horror and death!
    Nifong is by far alone in his dubious abuses in power, and to NOT hold him LEGALLY responsible is a MOCKERY to the very laws he was entrusted to obey and uphold!

    Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :


    Here is a thread I made about Jack's murder, and I have included a link to a MySpace page that have also added documents to, and they are listed in the pictures section.

    If you would like to speak to me 1-1, e-mail me through either that or CTV, my username is Justice4Jack.

    We have waited 2 years too long, and I would be MORE than happy to expose the truth, and “out” other officials who too have committed dirty deeds, and far worse than the hoax!



    Report: Easley press office ordered e-mails deleted
    Mar 29, 2008

    RALEIGH, N.C. — State government public information officers were instructed by Gov. Mike Easley’s press office to delete e-mails to and from the governor’s office, according to notes released Saturday by the governor’s office.

    The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Saturday that Andrew A. Vanore Jr., a lawyer who works for Easley, produced notes made by two public information officers. The notes showed that they and others were told at a meeting on May 29, 2007, to destroy e-mails. A third public information officer said he also recalled those instructions.

    But Vanore said the notes don’t mean what they say. He also said the instructions were not followed.

    Easley’s chief legal counsel, Reuben F. Young, has been vacationing with his family in China and could not be reached for comment. Deputy press secretary Seth Effron has been instructed by Vanore not to comment.

    Questions about the way the Easley administration handles e-mails arose after publication of an N&O series, “Mental Disorder: The Failure of Reform.” The series reported on an ill-conceived and poorly executed mental health reform plan on which the state has wasted at least $400 million.

    Two days after the series ended, Easley ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to fire its public information officer, Debbie Crane. Later that day, Crane told The N&O that the governor’s press office had directed that e-mails be deleted to bypass the state’s public records law.

    Young and Effron quickly denied that such instructions had been given.

    Julia Jarema, public information officer at the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, recorded this note for the meeting in question: “Public records request — increasing careful of email delete emails to/from gov. office every day.”

    Diana Kees, public information officer at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, recorded this note: “emails – more & more public records requests (blogs?) be careful w/emails; delete emails to and from gov office every day.”

    Vanore said he did not know what the notes meant.

    “It could be interpreted a number of different ways, and the only way to properly interpret it would be to talk to the individual who took the note,” he said. But he said he had instructed all of the employees not to talk about that issue because the newspaper may file a lawsuit.

    Vanore said the e-mail messages to and from the governor’s press office were clear and irrefutable proof that there was no systematic intent to destroy e-mail.

    Hugh Stevens, an attorney who represents The N&O, said the notes made by Jarema and Kees confirmed Crane’s allegation.

    “This sounds to me as though there was a concerted and willful attempt to evade the public records law by deleting the e-mails,” he said. “I don’t see how you can interpret it any other way.”

    Guess whose e-mails were deleted? OURS! I have had numerous people write to both Easley, and the Sheriff, for our case, and after being “blacklisted” from the county website and willingly negligent, here is more PROOF of the deliberate abuse of powers in public offices to purposely deny the public RIGHTS, and to perform MORE illegal and unconstitutional tactics to prevent being “OUTED!”


    Rhonda Fleming
    Durham SURVIVOR!

  7. It is important for the Left to maintain the cult of victomhood, so sexual assault by the poor (such as the Crystal Gang Mangum case) or violent assaults by the poor (such as the Beard Man Video [1], which has already been censored by youtube) are covered up and rarely prosecuted, even in cause celebres. See also the remarkably slow pace of events, in any google search for ‘asian students philadelphia.’


  8. Yes, I saw the news…

    The sad thing about following predators like Crystal Mangum is the law is so soft on them, out of a misguided sympathy. She even got off on the arson charge!

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