Any letter beginning “Congratulations” has to be good.

Today I got the official notice from the University of Nebraska that I passed the comprehensive exams I took on the 8th. This clears the way, except for some work for the Notes on Rails project and another form or to, for a August graduation with a Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology.

Grad school isn’t just about speaking in jargon and citing authorities. It’s also about adding worthless letters to your name (professional certificates are good for this too). So in August, you may officially refer to me as

Dan tdaxp, M.A., Ed. Ps., M.A., C. Sci., B.B.A., M.I.S., C.E.C.I.S., A+, e-Biz+, i-Net+, Network+, IT Project+

Not that I’ll let it go to my head or anything.

That can wait until Dr. tdaxp makes his debut in ’09. 🙂

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