This morning’s saw my family chainsawin’ trees at the tdaxp Compound. The compound’s eastern face slopes, making it perfect for view-obstructing scrub trees. Darkest of hillside thickets, indeed:

Darkest of Hillside Thickets

Work had been done on a constant basis since I got back from China, but never had so much been done in one day as before. Gradually the treeline was cut back…


Finally, about lunchtime (and after needing to get the chain back on the saw two times), the water is reached. (At one point, I nearly fell in which would have been hilarious to everyone but me.)

Then some clean-up by the water’s edge, and even the reverse view is fine:


2 thoughts on “Timber!”

  1. “tdaxp Compound?”

    Not only is Dan a scholar and lumberjack but also the kingpin of the tdaxp Cartel specializing in the dark trade of Dakotan giraffe smuggling.

    That's a fine looking spot of land there, Dan Bunyan. Is that a river or pond that you almost fell into?

  2. That's a swollen creek and her frighteningly fertile banks.

    I saw I was cutting down trees that my father had chainsawed down, completely, twenty years ago. The entire three grew back from its still recognizable stump.

    (No comments that technically this is all on city land, heh 🙂 )

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