Wedding + 1

So yesterday I got married and today I’m blogging. What’s up with that?

Joyous Bridesmaids

We have our very own passive-aggressive matchmaker: the federal government..

Our preferred wedding date was August 8, 2008, in Lady of tdaxp’s hometown, when the Olympics come there. However, Lady of tdaxp’s student visa lasts only a year from her graduation, which is either August or December, depending on when her thesis is accepted. Worse, our lawyer inforemd us that an oversees wedding would involve approval by the State Department, who make the DHS look like a model of efficiency.

So that means that the Beijing ceremony will be a “reception,” and not the wedding itself.

So the question becomes: when will the American wedding be? This time Homelan Security steps forward, proudly doubling the fees for just about everything at the end of July. Compounded by the rule that the wedding has to happen before the application is begun, we now have an American wedding, an American reception, and a Chinese reception.

In the end, these adventures add to the awesomeness of yesterday. How many newlyweds get to here any of the following, let alone all three in only a few hours

  • “I never married anyone while wearing shorts before!
  • “I never opened a checking account on anyone’s wedding day before!
  • “I never heard a presentaiton on the speaker’s wedding day before!

Well, we did. We got an absolustely unique wedding. Yesterday was pure cool.

Today is too.

9 thoughts on “Wedding + 1”

  1. I'm a bit disappointed that those of us within driving distance weren't notified in advance, as it would have been pretty enjoyable to be present, even with all the government interference.

    I mean, we flew in a plane to witness TN Dave's wedding, and he didn't even have cute Asian bridesmaids for us to talk to.

  2. Aaron, if Fei had not been able to find “bridesmaids” witnesses, I assure you that “groomsmen” would have been required very quickly.

    Have no fear, however. The American reception will feature many things that the actually wedding itself didn't including

    a) food
    b) drink
    c) a couple that did not have to go back to work that afternoon


  3. I am very confused.
    If you are married for real real, american style, then congratulations.
    Also: where are you?

    I require a more complete wedding explanation as to why you threw off my streak of attending SD friend weddings.

  4. We're married for real, Department of Homeland Security Style. 🙂

    The reception, where we get to drink and eat food and you get to give me stuff, will be later on.


    PS: When's yours?

  5. From shotgun weddings to bureaucracy weddings. . . I suppose that's progress.

    Congratulations, regardless!

  6. Message to Aaron. The “Mom” wasn't there either. And if you are disappointed just think of what his Grandma is going to say – we are going to let Dan tell her. The Mom

  7. yeah, man, count in the list of 'what just happened?'

    i saw the post yesterday and figured it for some kind of rehearsal or something.

    worst part about not cluing in: being so late to congratulate you.

    congratulations! what a wonderful occurrence!

    (doubt i can make it to the reception, but can i please be invited? i'll be happy to gift you in return! 🙂

  8. Congrats Dan! Welcome to the wonderful world of international marriage!

    And don't worry, none of our The Moms or The Grandmas made it to our wedding either. It was basically me, Lady YH and a dozen War Studies colleagues. Sounds like a blast huh?

  9. When I saw the first post, “Wedding day,” I thought you were letting people know the actual date, and more details. When I saw this one, I thought you had selected bridesmaids. It wasn't till I actually read them today that I realized that you had tied the knot!

    So, though a little late, Congrats Dan!

  10. Mike… there's nothing more romantic after your weeding than paperwork…. ah G-325A Biological Information Form, let me into your heart…

    Sean… haha! Thanks for the post [1], btw. I like that grad students can have “civvies.” :-p

    YH — thanks, I've been speaking of you a lot, mostly in the better-to-pay-a-lawyer-now-than-a-worthless-transpacific-ticket [2] sense :-p

    Brendan, Er… children + grad school probably isn't the wisest decision! [3] : -p And props for the post [4], too!

    nykrindc, Glad to keep you on your toes!


  11. Congrats Dan… sorry about the DHS BS but all of us facing the wonderful world of marrying wonderful people who just don't happen to be American citizens right now will make it through the hoops, just taking it one day at a time with a healthy dose of patience and good humor.

    I hope your reception makes up for it!

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