Wedding + 2

Sean was kind enough to give us congratulations from his blog. Thanks!

Today got off to a bang. Last night we devised a list of questions to ask our lawyer first thing in the morning… and this morning we got the answers

Q. Do we have to fill out the G-325A Biographical information, or do they?
A: The law office will, and they sent out draft forms yesterday .
Result: Updated drafts will be hand delivered backto the lawyer tomorrow.

Q. Where to get I-693.
A. Instructions were provided.
Result: Appointment set up for July 5.

Q. What is “Police Clearance? (If applicable)” requirement about?
A: It’s not applicable.
Result: The issue’s mute!

Then went to Walgreens to print up pictures of us for the “bona fide” relationship requirement. Got them back this afternoon, wrote a summary and date on the back of each, and now their in the envelope with the updated drafts. Forms and paperwork took long enough, but eventually that we set out for today was finished.

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