We’re fighting more than just bigotry

Ralph Peter’s June 25, 2007 article, “Faith’s civil wars,” has already drawn criticism from Curtis. Let me pile on.

Peters writes:

The great religious civil war of this century afflicts not only Islam but also Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s the conflict between those in every faith who promote a punitive, disciplinary deity and those who worship a merciful, loving god. Not all confrontations will be violent, but many will be venomous.

No, it’s not.

There are few Christians are bigoted against my faith as the Jack Chick organization, for instance:

Indeed there are many Roman Catholics who, in spite of their beliefs, looks past it all and reach out by faith to the living Saviour. Oh yes, such accept Christ as their personal Saviour, are born again and leave the old life behind. Such we call “converted former Roman Catholics.”

But the question here is are there any saved Roman Catholics? That is, being a saved person and remaining in Roman Catholicism.

Just as you cannot mix fire and water, neither can one be a saved person and remain a faithful Roman Catholic.

But here’s the thing. Jack Chick is not trying to kill me. And he does not apologize for those that do.

There is a real global insurgency, essentially Arabist and Islamist. Conflating that with bigotry is a big mistake, and one Ralph Peters makes all too easily.

2 thoughts on “We’re fighting more than just bigotry”

  1. There's a Jack Chick organization? I thought his influence stopped with his comics. I guess I was wrong.

  2. Ralph Peters has contempt for Catholicism. It is a subtext in much of what he writes. I like Peters, I think is more right than wrong, most of the time. But he is dead wrong about trying to mix up Roman Catholicism and its positions on sexual morality and fundamentalist Islam. But it is something lots of people are trying to do.

  3. Jayson,

    Ralph Peters' Ataturk brand of feminism is as soulless as it is absurd.


    I hadn't heard that about Col. Peters. Can you share any links?

  4. Considering the disgraceful state of women's rights in much of the world to this day, I find it to be a bit extremist of Peters but he certainly has a series of valid points about the issue. There are still many people around the world, even in this country to a significant degree, that have a real problem with women in positions of authority, positions of influence, positions of equality. I see it all the time in the military, it is the great schism in much of the services.

    Peters has “slandered” Catholicism on numerous occasions (“Hidden Unities”, “Atlantic Century”, etc), especially when discussing Latin American societies and the role the church plays in women's rights.

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