The Military-Industrial-Sysadmin-Complex in the context of International Law

I’m not a fan of international law, said “law” being merely a compendium of the arbitrary decrees of those despots who proceeded us — but Adrian was kind enough to highlight some interesting developments in the field that related to the Military-Industrial-Sysadmin-Complex (MISC) that is needed to shrink the gap.

Specifically, he pointed me to the article “For a Capability to Protect from David C. Gompert in Survival 48(1). The article highlights two stages of post-Westphalian thought: the right to protect and the responsibility to protect, as well as an emerging one: the need for a capability to protect.

Gompert emphasizes that the idea of a United Nations standing army is going nowhere, and cannot provide true worldwide peace-enforcing capability.

The MISC is such a capability. We need a flexible force, supported by industry, the bureaucracy, and the government, that can “surge” peace into any area of the globe.

Open Source Conspiracy

In comments at his own blog and Dreaming 5GW, Wolf Pangloss takes the ball I moved down field (in “The Importance of 5GW” and “Describing the Military-Industrial-Syadmin-Complex“), and forms a flawless reverse Statue of Liberty play, stunning in its brevity and implication

Exactly, Shane. As I replied on my site before expanding it here, the way I see it, 5GW could encompass ideological swarming and other uncoordinated but coherent attacks. It could also encompass open-source conspiracies, memetic engineering, and bespoke ideologies intended to transform our allies or enemies, or influential third parties. This makes the composition of the 5GW force very flexible.

Further, as an attempt to change the reflexive actions of people in the society, 5GW clearly involves ideological changes to the target society. The active phase of a 5GW could consist of ideologues attacking using ideology as their weapon. And that’s why it’s dangerous, because it just keeps on going, rebuilding itself automatically whenever it is attacked, until the ideological/memetic programming behind it gets subverted/disarmed.

Once the ideology/meme is made ready and turned on the conspirators can retire. Their weapon and army will continue with its programming without any further intervention.

What interests me is how to subvert/disarm an attacking meme/ideology. What does it take? How long does it take? Etc.

How does this an open source conspiracy fit with the state-within’s transformation into the state-beyond? I have no idea, at least not precisely. Stay tuned. These are exciting times.