DHCP for Windows Home Server

Did Brendan of I Hate Linux just write the world’s first .Net DHCP server?


He seems to think so:

Not long ago I got done confirming some last minute changes for an early build of the quasi-secret project I’d mentioned here previously… but now I can say that it’s done (enough for now) and that project is: DHCP Server for Windows Home Server, and In the hopes of getting some last minute feedback before I record my video and ship it off for entry in the Code2Fame Challenge I’ve shared it over on the Windows Home Server forums…

I’ll grant you that a DHCP Server isn’t very sexy… but it does have something very unique that I think is worth bragging about… as far as I can tell DHCP4WHS is the first and only DHCP server written in C# and/or for the .NET Framework.

Congrats Brendan!

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