Around a walk

Two big games today

#5 Michigan 32, Appalachian State 34
#20 Nebraska 52, Nevada 10

My dad always routed for the underdog (except when it was a good whupping), and had never voiced support for the trolls (those who live under the bridge in the lower pennensula of Michigan), so he would be pleased by the Wolverines losing in the greatest upset in college football history: the first time ever an 1-AA team defeated a ranked 1-A team.

However, dad also thought that Nebraska got by with a perennially weak schedule, so inspite of the good start of the season he would have mentioned that if things don’t click for Coach Callahan, this could be his last season.

After a delicious dinner meal in post-game celebration, I went for a walk.

I took my camera because the evening was beautiful. However, it wasn’t fully charged, so I didn’t even get to the stadium by the time the battery gave out.

I was ok until I got to the computer science building, which my father and I visited during our first trip to Lincoln. Here the sidewalk forked, and I could walk back to the union or go out of my way to the hotel we used to stay at. I decided to walk back to the union. My legs carried me to the hotel.

I walked inside for the first time since he last stayed there. I walked outside our old room. Around the lobby TV’s were turned to a football game and cheers would go up at appropriate moments. I went over the skywalk to the parking garage.

I walked back home. I thought of how I had promised to get a copy of the Boise State/Oklahoma game to my dad during his deep sleep at the hospital. (Immediately after the game, which he had missed, he looked up buying a DVD on his iMac. But the “commemorative DVD” was quite pricey, so he decided to wait until the charge came down.)

I had a waking dream that I was back in the hospital on the day my dad had surgery to have a ventilator. I walked on the paths of Lincoln but I could have navigated the hospital too.

Then I walked home.

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