Triple-majoring in graduate school…

Fairfeld, H. (2007). Master’s Degrees Abound as Universities and Students See a Windfall. New York Times. September 12, 2007. Available online:

Somehow, this makes me feel more normal:

And many students believe that these multiple degrees are highly valuable in today’s competitive job market.

Rey A. Phillips Santos has three graduate degrees gracing his résumé: two master’s and one in law. After completing the master’s of arts program in the social sciences from the University of Chicago, he decided to go on to the Chicago-Kent College of Law, in a joint-degree program in environmental management with the Stuart Graduate School of Business.

“There is a huge demand for credentials in high-level jobs now,” said Mr. Phillips, who is a lawyer for the Chicago city government. “Each of my degrees helped me to get a leg up in the job market, and earn higher salaries than I would have otherwise. They were great investments.”

(Though, in fairness, Mr. Santos seems to be building up an M.A., M.B.A., J.D. pedigree, while I’ll stick to the M.A., M.A., Ph.D. wilderness.)

Another good part about such a crazy track? Avoiding tunnel-vision lock-in.