Car Accident!

What a week! DHS denial on a temporary go-ahead for my wife (boo!), a professor signs off on the hush-hush project’s human subjects component (yeah!!), and now:

The collision was between myself, vehicle No. 1, and a chrysler, vehicle No. 2. A school bus, vehicle No. 3, witnessed what happened.

Vehicle No. 1 had stopped on the 23rd and Vine intersection. No. 1. had been traveling northbound, and was preparing to turn left onto Vine westbound. Traffic was moderate to heavy. The two westbound lanes of Vine, on the north end of the street, were clear. A school bus, vehicle No. 3, was visible in the near eastbound lane.

As vehicle No. 3 passed, vehicle No. 1 began moving north, accelerating from rest to about 15 miles per hour. Vehicle No. 2., previously obscured by Vehicle No. 3, and driving on the further of the eastbound lanes at approximately approximately forty miles per hour, was then struck on its rear passenger side by the front passenger corner of vehicle No. 1.

Vehicle No. 3. spu approximately 170 degrees, facing oncoming traffic. Vehicle 1 stopped. Vehicle No. 2 kept going, but would come back to share driving information though leave before the police could arrive.

Driver No. 1 moved his car out of oncoming traffic. Driver No. 1. asked Driver No 2. if she was ok. She said yes and requested a phone. Driver No. 1. ran to get one, calling the police as soon as he had done so.

Before the police arrived, Driver No. 1. photographed damage to both vehicles, as well as the contact information of Driver No. 3. and her passenger. Driver No. 1 showed his proof of insurance to Driver No. 2., though she refused to share her name or insurance information.

Officer #618 arrived. On his request, Driver No.2 moved her car onto 23rd and Driver No. 1 moved his further down, to allow other drivers to make right-hand turns onto Vine. The officer took the report from Driver No. 2, and Driver No. 1. Driver No. 1 gave his driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration. Insurance information on Driver No. 2 was not given to Driver No. 1.