ESPN College GameDay at the University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium

ESPN College GameDay is the definitive college football on TV. Every week, the crew (most familiar to me from NCAA Football ’07, heh). And today, as the #1 University of Southern California Trojans come to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln to play our Nebraska Cornhuskers, they are now familiar from HuskerVision, as well.

ESPN College GameDay on College Game Day

The taping of the show was great fun, if crowded. The action spilled onto Tom Osborne field, and featured cheerleaders, a wrestling match between Lil Red and Herbie Husker, and of course fans…

ESPN @ Nebraska

A surprising number of Los Angelinos braved the Nebraska cheer and the Sea of Red to fly their treasonous flags in our home.

USC: Against the world. Against Nebraska.

But the fun couldn’t last forver. Soon it was off for a walk around campus, and of course breakfast.

The Don L. Love Library

Go Big Red!

10 thoughts on “ESPN College GameDay at the University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium”

  1. It was pretty easy to tell who the Los Angelinos were in downtown Lincoln last night, primarily through

    a) their red-and-gold clothing,
    b) their natural tans and fashion sense, and
    c) their vocal exasperation at the Nebraskan habit of only obeying pedestrian traffic lights, regardless of the absence of actual traffic

  2. Dan, my sincere apologies to the fans of Nebraska for the pillage and destruction the Trojans are about to visit upon them. May their shattered faith and confidence be one day restored in a pleasant non-BCS bowl game against a team like Troy or Central Florida.

  3. Hmmm… Do I cheer for the PAC-10? Or do I jealously cheer for the Big Red N, since any 'sc loss will be to Cal's benefit later in the season. Oh, decisions decisions…

  4. Looks like the 'Huskers and Trojans are similarly indecisive — 7-up at end of the 1st quarter. At least most of the ranked PAC-10 teams owned up to their standings (never mind that *other* L.A. team that got blown out by Utah…).

  5. It's half-time now, and the Trojans are doing a respectable 21-10. Two injuries so far on their receiving team. ( 🙁 )

    As a Big 12er I'd like Oklahoma to break through to the #1 spot, of course, but I don't mind see them get their clocked clean (a la Boise State) every once in a while..

  6. We'll see who's laughing next time Justice Thomas, who bleeds Husker red, is the deciding vote on a Supreme Court case… The rest of the world may wonder why it, without prompting, construes the Establishment Cause to abolish football in the greater Los Angeles area forever, but we'll know.

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